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So my friend Ryan is in a commercial for Bally's Total Fitness and like the idiot that I am, I shrieked like a crazy lady in the middle of the day at work in the front lobby and caused everyone to stop in their tracks and inquire as to my mental stability.


I'm just so excited for Ryan because he was pretty stoked about being chosen to be in this commercial. He's a pretty handsome chap and you can't really see much of him in this commercial but his friends are able to spot him (that's me) and if you look really close, you'll be able to see him too...he's the guy with his back to the camera when the main chick is talking, he's on the machine right behind her. Then he's in it toward the end of the commerical as part of the aerobics class. He's got a grey tee shirt on with black pants on.

That's my friend Ryan, I call him superstar because I see him on TV all the time. LOL. And he says he hated the girl who did all the talking, the "actress" because she was such a big snob and she acted like a diva, so he said that he would make his machine beep to mess her up while she's saying her lines, I couldn't stop cracking up...that's my dawg!

Here's what he looks like, just in case it's hard for you to spot him in the commercial...I totally stole this picture (with his permission of course) from his facebook. LOL.

He showed me this dance tonight, with a foam pole, I was laughing....a lot. haha. And now for the commercial that made Ryan so famous! haha.

Handle that, cutie patootie!

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maybe it's the video, but i can't see him at all. Or i'm just blind. lol

I'm impressed with your visual skills Ro, because I couldn't see his face at all! LOL

You're not blind Izzie. :P

I can't see him either. Ha!

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