One Tree Hill: I Forgot To Remember to Forget.  

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Awwww! To quote Brooke last night, "This should be interesting."

Last night's One Tree Hill episode cleared up a lot of the questions that I had over the past couple of weeks about what happened between Peyton and Lucas. Because last week when Peyton got to going off on Lucas about saying what he did about her and the bartender, I was like, "And why is she mad? I know the reason they are not together is because she done did something stupid."

But I'm happy to report that I was wrong.

It was Lucas who messed things up between him and Peyton and it's totally obvious that things are far from over between these two.

I'm doing my happy dance at the news.

Seeing how things went down 3 years ago between everyone, fills in all of the gaps and makes me one happy camper for the things that are still to come. I love Nathan and Haley but let's be real, for's all about Lucas and Peyton.

And last night's episode was ALL Lucas and Peyton. It was so good to see these two back in action together, even if it was old stuff from 3 years ago. It was good to see these two happy again because when we left them at the end of last season, these two had just found their way back to each other and they were happy and in love and most importantly, TOGETHER. It didn't make sense for them to come back after the break and NOT be together and with no kind of explanation. After seeing last night's episode, it was more than obvious that once again, these two are not done.

I'm really excited to see how things pan out between Lindsay/Lucas/Peyton because, those two are still in love with each other and I'm so glad that it was Lucas that messed things up for them two and not Peyton, like last time.

It was cute to see Lucas living with Nathan and Haley and seeing Nathan and Haley happy again. They're on their way back to where they used to be in terms of being happy but still...and then with them trying this week to get back to where they used to be as a couple, next week's previews confuse the hell out of me, so you mean to tell me in one week, Nathan goes from being the doting husband who wants his relationship with his wife to get better to the cheating husband who's doing the nanny....WTH??? Doesn't make one lick of sense, I think it's a dream that Haley is going to have and I still think that the Nanny is like some obsessed fan of Haley from back in her singing days. The more obvious storyline just doesn't make sense.

But anyway, back to Lucas and Peyton...and Brooke. Man, I just love Brooke. I remember when I used to hate her when she was in high school for being the little hooty hoo that she was but man, she's grown up these days...and when she didn't go for Lucas (even though she was tipsy) and she was loyal to Peyton, it made me love her all the more. When she was there for Lucas but still true to Peyton and her friendship, I just became an even bigger Brooke fan. I'm never going to be a Brooke/Lucas fan, or a dare I say it? A Brucas fan but it was nice to see them being friends again. It was nice to see that Brooke cares enough for the both of them (Lucas and Peyton) that she would give Lucas good advice.

Last night's show was great and it opens the door for so many new things and more drama and I just cannot effing wait.

What did you guys think of last night's show? Love it or hate it? Are you over the whole Leyton thing or are you like Lindsay said....rootin' for Lucas and Peyton? And what about Nathan and Haley? Do you think Nathan is really going to cheat on Haley with the Nanny?


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It was nice to see some of the happenings from the lost years and get some answers. :o) I kept wondering where Whitey was and how on earth Brooke ended up with her mom running her company.

But my brain stalled when Flashback Lucas had an iPhone. WTF? Three years ago?? I think not. Bad, bad continuity people!

As far as next week's ep goes, I was so hoping they weren't going to do the Evil-Nanny-That-Covets-Your-Family storyline. Apparently my hopes were in vain. *sigh* I'm sure there are tons of perfectly nice nannies in the world.

LOVED that they went back in time to fill in the gaps and answered quite a few questions I've had.

I don't care who Lucas ends up with as long as its not that f'ugly thing Lindsay. I get the shivers everytime I see her and her voice is soooooo annoying.

I had the same thoughts on the iPhone.

Mike said the same as you, that Haley is having a dream after Nanny Carrie goes all "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" on them.

I'm just glad that this will be resolved early in the season and hopefully doesn't get drawn out too much. I've had a sick feeling in my stomach ever since Nanny Carrie came on the scene.

One thing I don't understand though is why the heck is she ALWAYS there, even when Haley is home. The week befores episode showed Jamie with his pic of NC and they made it seem like Haley was never home. Geesh, she's a teacher and works ten minutes from their's not like she's putting in long hours (I know that teachers have more than just 8 - 3 hours but they can do a lot of stuff at home, rather than at the school).

So I don't understand why they are throwing in the overworked mothers guilt issue to top it off.

Does this make any sense?

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