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Starring: Lizzy Caplan, T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel

My description of the movie: Shot with a video camera, Cloverfield is the freaky ass escape attempt a bunch of friends make through a monster-ravaged New York.

The movie opens up with Rob videotaping Beth, waking up in bed. Then it cuts to Jason, Rob's brother, taping Lily, getting ready for Rob's going away party. Rob is going to Japan-and Lily, Jason's girlfriend, has organized a party. She gives Jason the task of videotaping Rob's friend's testimonials (like they do at weddings) but Jason quickly hands the job over to Hud, Rob's best friend. And Hud controls that damn camera for the rest of the movie. Sometimes that's funny, because Hud has the worst small talk ever, and then sometimes it's annoying, because Hud looks to Rob for everything, and Rob's a jerk who doesn't tell anyone what he's doing, he just runs off, leaving everyone to chase him. (This is some of my frustration speaking.)

I loved this movie, but it was not perfect. The home video approach is novel, but quickly wears thin. Tripping, running...yeah yeah, it all adds to the scariness, and it works, but it some instances its damn annoying. That's really the only beef I have with this movie though. And I do admit, the home video feel works for this movie. I was freaked out!! And it really gets you invested in the characters. Hud, the goofy best friend, Rob, Jason, Lily, Marlena and Beth.

The monsters? Freaky. The big monster (building sized) is referred to as a terrible thing. And then there are smaller creatures, referred to as "other things, far more terrible." LMAO!! I had a good laugh at that one. And it's true. What those smaller creatures can do...blech.

My grade? I'm going to give this a B. I'd go see it in the theater again, I'd buy the dvd. I'm not giving it an A because of the annoyance factor. LOL And it's definitely not for everyone. If you don't like your movies outside the box, this is not for you.

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I want to see it. I'll probably wait till it goes to the cheap theater though.

my friend went and it saw. He was a little annoyed by it. I'll pass on this one.

I so want to see this movie and I thought this wasn't my kind of movie but I seem to have changed my mind because I saw I Am Legend and am now a changed woman. LOL.

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