New Releases on DVD for Tuesday, January 8  

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Movie Spotlight: 3:10 to Yuma

Alls I know is that this movie got good reviews. LOL Probably the only one I'll rent this week too.

But here's what else is coming out:


White Noise 2

You can see more releases at IMDB: LINK

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GG & Shmoo saw this one and really, really liked it. I didn't go and I forget why because I'm a big fan of westerns. Anyway, we might be buying the DVD because GG liked it...a lot.

That's great Rosie. One of my coworkers suggested this movie too. But seriously? I think he has a crush on Christian Bale. LOL

oh I'm all over this one! grrr

I want to see 3:10 to Yuma, I heard that movie was sooo good.

Thanks for doing this Ames, I love this addition to the blog.


Rowena-I do what I can. :P

I saw Yuma ... it was okay.

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