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I didn't know this was a new episode. Good thing I checked. If you missed it and you need a plot summary, click here.

The thing about CSI, I can never figure out who did it. Like last night, I thought the blonde rodeo chick had something do with Cody's death. Since she mentioned something about "finding someone younger." I was thinking blonde chick and Cody were involved and she got jealous when Tiffany came around. Nope. I was wrong.

I laughed at the part when the once girl was telling Nick and Greg the story about the guy who ummm.. "knew" his sheep and horses. Ewwww. And when Greg turned on that.. I don't know, vibrator... ha ha. The other part that made me kind of laugh was when Grissom figured the love poem Cody written was not about Tiffany or the blonde chick. It was about the bull he rides. Hodges walking in saying, "We need more cow bell." Made me laugh too.

I'm glad Warrick is back. I'm kind of upset that we'll probably have to wait awhile to find out who the mole is and who murdered Greenlee. Yes i know that is not the name of the stripper Warrick was with. But the actress played Greenlee in All My Children and I'll forever know her as only Greenlee.

Also, is it wrong that I haven't missed Sara since she left?

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