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Consider Mr. Brooks: a successful businessman; a generous philanthropist; a loving father and devoted husband. Seemingly, he's perfect. But Mr. Brooks has a secret--he is an insatiable serial killer, so lethally clever that no one has ever suspected him--until now. Earl Brooks is a man who has managed to keep his two incompatible worlds from intersecting by controlling his cunning, wicked alter ego Marshall. But now, as Mr. Brooks succumbs to one last murderous urge, an amateur photographer witnesses the crime. Suddenly Brooks finds himself entangled in the dark agenda of an opportunistic bystander, as well as hunted by the unorthodox and tenacious detective Tracy Atwood. Can Mr. Brooks outsmart his adversaries and conceal his shocking double life from his wife and daughter--or will someone expose his crimes and his identity once and for all?

This is one of those psychological thrillers. It's about a killer with a conscience. He's smart, thoughtful (in how he plans and cleans up his killings), and nice. He's a nice guy although I hate to say it. Yeah he talks with his alter ego and he kills people but there is just something about Earl. You almost kind of root for him.

For Earl, the killings are a sick addiction. He attends AA meeting to help with his addiction. Earl does seem like he wants to stop the killings. His alter ego Marshall, doesn't want him to stop. However, he gives in to his urges and kills a dancing couple. Apparently he's known as the thumbprint killer. He puts the couples thumbprints on the lamp shade. He'll also arrange the bodies in romantic poses. He'll take pictures and then later destroy them along with all the other evidence of his crime. After he's gotten off on them. Ewwww.

It's kind of scary how he has his murders planned.

Well, when he kills the dancers, his crime is captured on film by a peeping tom, "Mr. Smith". Mr. Smith recognizes Earl's face from an article in the paper. He wants to tag along with Earl on next kill. Except, he gets frustrated with Earl and his planning. He wants to kill someone, he wants to do it now.

Other things pop up in the movie. Such as detective Atwood following Mr. Smith around. Mr. Smith almost confessing to Atwood about the pictures out of frustration for Earl delaying their killing. Atwood's ex-husband demanding money from her. A prisoner who escaped from jail to get even with her. And Earl's daughter. Earl's daughter returns home pregnant and she's showing signs she may have Earl's addiction.

I almost didn't watch this because it didn't seem like something I'd like. But I did like it. Check it out.

Here is a link to the plot summary.

Grade: Worth Renting. B.

Scroll down for the my thoughts on the ending

Ok. I really thought they should have left it with his daughter killing Earl. It just seemed to fit. Since she mentioned taking over the family business (He owns his own business). Him waking up and realizing it was a dream seemed like a cop out. Just my thoughts.

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I have this on my netflix queue, I'm goinig to look forward to watching this since I didn't read the spoilers I think I'll be good...thanks for the review Iz, good stuff!! =)

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