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This episode was about the Midsummer Nights Dream party, aka lingerie party. I wonder what goes on off camera and once the camera stops rolling. I hear the grotto is the place to be.

This episode, Kendra's mom is revealing her new face. She looks a whole lot better. She looks all fresh and young. So she wants to wear some sexy lingerie. Off to Trashy's Kendra and Mom go. Except Kendra doesn't want her mom showing off too much. Her mom wants something cute and sexy. They finally compromise on a cute little dress.

The theme for the party was Arabian Nights. Something different from the norm. They usually do something Shakespearean. Holly dresses up as a sexy Jasmine from Aladdin and she looked really cute. I like her Sleeping Beauty Costume the best.

The highlight of the show was when Kendra brought out a stripper for her mom. Homeboy's ass was all up in Kendra's face. It was soo funny. "She needs a good ass in her face, " Kendra said.

Another ok episode. I wish they would have showed more of the party and the painted ladies.

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I watched part of this episode too, I wanted to see more of the party too and it would be weird to see what happens behind the scenes, especially in the grotto. I heard it gets all X Rated over there.


Kendra gets on my nerves, I don't know what it is about her but I just don't care for her. I love Holly though.

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