Grey's Anatomy- Lay Your Hands on Me  

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If you missed it, check out the plot summary here.

First of all, I'm glad Derek is moving on. He told Meredith he loves her. Told her he wanted to spend forever with her. Meredith can't handle it. Derek is right, Meredith will never trust him. Derek needs to move on from her and be with someone who wants the same things he does.

At first I was rooting for these two but no more. You know how there is always that one couple you root to be together. No matter what's going on in the show. Like Buffy and Angel, Ross and Rachel.... Derek and Meredith are not that couple to me.

I think Rose will be good for him. In fact, I hope they get married and Meredith is left wondering "If only..." ha ha. I do think he should have waited to show her the house plans. Maybe just show her the plans as the house he's building for himself.

Erica gets on my nerves. She shows no compassion. All Bailey wanted to do was hold her son's hand. That's it. I cheered for Bailey when she told Erica that she would be glad if she never saw her again. I think Erica needs to loosen up and be more human.

Erica and Mc Steamy. Ummm, ewww. They don't look right together. At all. Mc Steamy needs a woman and a story line. But not with Erica.

Alex. Sometimes, he can be the sweetest guy, other times he's this big jerk. I wonder what is was that made him turn from being a "sweet boy" to "not a very nice man. " Damn, I wonder how long we have to find out what's up with him.

George and Lexie. Ok.. When he was asking Lexie about getting an apartment, I thought, "hmmmm, they should be together." I think they would be cute.

As for Bailey and her hubby. Did Bailey say her hubby was packing his stuff and finding a hotel for just him or for the two of them? I really hope they can they work things out.

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I haven't seen it yet ~ it's in my DVR just waiting for me to hit play. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked this weekend with looking up recipes, cleaning, cooking, etc., etc., and didn't get a chance to watch. Maybe next weekend??

I think with Bailey, her husband was just packing his stuff. Which is sad. But I'm glad that lady healed the baby.

And as for Alex - I wonder what happened to him that was so bad? Because he doesn't hide the fact that his mom (or dad?) was an alcoholic. SO what else is he hiding? And Izzy still makes him happy? Ugh, George and Izzy aren't a couple to me. And yeah, neither is Derek or Meredith. I'm so over them. LOL

Dev- you have dvr? LUCKY!

Ames- So he's just packing up his stuff. it's not offical if he's leaving her or not. i hope they can work things out.

I was kind of liking George and Izzy. I kind of wished they played that out more but I'm happy they didn't. They have a great friendship and i like seeing that.

I'm wondering what happened to Alex too. he's like the tortured hero in our books. He just needs the right woman to tame him. lol.

I agree. But I don't think Rebecca/Eva is that girl. Where did she go anyway? Remember she was trying to get pissy with him over the surgery and he kept kissing her, kind of agressively? What happened there?

So what, it's over btw George and Izzy already? It's kind of stupid, ruining storylines just for the heck of it. I think taht Bailey deserves it in a way, that Tucker is packing up. I guess that with a child, Tucker thinks it's even more important now that Miranda chooses...

and I was like: who's Erica? but I agree, McSteamy and Erica, not a great couple.

and ugh, I'm not going to start on Derek and Meredith. nope I'm not.

Ames, I don't think Eva/Rebecca is that girl either. Sigh.

Nath- Oh Dr. Hahn/Erica. I don't know about her. It's like she has penis envy as Holly would say. lol.

come on, what do you think about Meredith and Derek?

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