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So the designers had to create something for an avant-garde look. Then they had to recreate the look for the every day look. The designers were paired into teams of two.

Here are the photos.

Victorya and Jillian. One of the top two. I do like the jacket in the first picture. The dress was made at the very last minute. Even though the look was good, I was hoping they wouldn't win. 1) I don't really like Victorya. 2) She won last week when she shouldn't have. Yes, I'm still bitter.

Rami and Sweet Pea. There was some drama between these two. Poor Sweet Pea's ideas were falling on deaf ears. Rami wanted to do the dress his way. And Hedi was right to say about his draping, "Is that all you can do?" We need to see something else.

Christian and Chris. This is the look that won. I'm glad they won. I like Chris and I didn't want Victorya's team to win. ha ha. I don't know about the blouse in the second picture. Meh.

Kit and Ricky. Kit was sent home. I didn't want her to leave. She had some nice designs. But I knew they wouldn't send Rami home. I didn't think the looks were that bad. After reading what avant-garde meant, I could see why the judges weren't in love it with it.

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What does avant-garde means? I think I know, but it's more a feeling than the definition. and I know it usually involves something outrageous LOL :)

that is quite a nice show.

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