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Holly, Izzy, Daphne, Grace and myself have dubbed Friday's, I Don't Care Friday and on I Don't Care Fridays, we goof around a lot. Most of my I Don't Care Fridays are spent, surfing through You Tube and watching the different clips from my favorite shows or watching those cheesy couple fanvids of my favorite tv couples.

I thought it'd be a cool addition to The BooB TuBe if we had a Weekly Video of whatever TV Show, TV Couple Fan Video or Trailer of new shows that catch our fancy. There are lots of them so we'll be good for the year, I think...haha.

Check it out:

Hilarious, isn't it?


Until next week...enjoy!

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Is there a show on TV any more brilliant??

HI ROWENA!! How's Sunny SoCal?? I've missed you! :o)

Hey Jenster!

I don't think so, The Office is pretty brill! =) I've missed you too sweets, Sunny Cali is not so sunny at the moment, we had a terrible storm the past couple of days but I love it!!! =)



What a great pick!! I miss Jim. I wish the writers would start writing again. No-I wish greedy asses would give them their money!!

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