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Yesterday, I went with my mom and sister to watch 27 Dresses. That movie is so cute. You must watch it. James Marsden is a cutie and I love his cynical self and how Jane figured it was all just for show. That he really is a softie.

Since Rowena and Gracie already reviewed it, I'm just going to list my favorites scenes:

* When Jane tries on all the bridesmaids dresses for Kevin. Some of those were hideous! When she pulled out the southern belle dress I whispered to my sister, "At least I didn't make you wear that."

* When Kevin and Jane sing Benny and the Jets at the bar. LOL.

* When Kevin helps Jane down from the bar and admits he cried like a baby.

* When her little electronic date books goes off and Benny and Jets play.

* When Jane suggests registering ugly things on Tess' register to cheer Kevin up.

* When Jane finds Kevin penciled himself in for every Saturday in her day planner.

So yes, see this movie. I think Joey, my hubby, would have liked it, but he said he wasn't going to watch a chick flick with a bunch of girls.

And because he's a cutie:

Tee hee.

Grade: Worth the money at the theater and worth buying, A

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Everyone keeps saying it's such a cute film! I can't wait to see it.

It is a cute chick flick. :) I loved it.

Oh goodness, I HEART KEVIN DOYLE!!! This movie was so adorable and my favorite hot damn line in the entire movie was...."Get over here!"

I about busted the screen down to get over to where Kevin was! haha...


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